In our commitment to keep abreast with the times we have introduced the concept of continuous assessments. As against traditional formal testing, continuous assessments are informal and developmental in nature .

Evaluation pattern followed in the school.

FS 2 & YEAR 1

A series of continuous assessments are an integral part of the Kindergarten throughout the whole year. Parents will be sent an appraisal of their child’s work at the end of each semester.

Assessment Criteria for Year 2-6:

Continuous Assessments will be conducted for all the subjects. Details will be given prior to the assessments by the subject teachers.

Assessment Criteria for Year 7-8 :

Along with the continuous assessments, term exam will be conducted at the end of each term. Promotion will be based on the percentage of their overall performance.

Promotion is based on: 30% of 1st term, 35 % of 2nd term and 35 % of the 3rd term.

Minimum pass percentage for all classes from year 2- 9 is as follows:

Arabic 50 % Islamic Studies 50 %

Social Studies 40 % All other subjects 40 %

Proficiency prizes will be given to the best students at the end of the academic year. Students who fail to keep abreast with the grade level are retained in the 3 same class irrespective of the number of months studies in the school. Parents are to ensure that their wards are helped at home to avoid retention.

Compulsory Subjects:

Arabic language, Islamic Education, and Social Studies are compulsory subjects and the Annual Exam for year 5-9 for these subjects is conducted by the Ministry of Education, these dates will be declared on the open house day. If the student fails in the three compulsory subjects he/she will be detained.

Promotion Rule: Promotion for all classes is based on MOE Rules and criteria.