1. 1 photocopies of the birth certificate submitted in English OR Arabic.

2.  1 photocopies of valid passport and a valid residence visa of child and father. The photocopies must contain pages showing date of issue and date of expiry. The passport and visa should be valid till December or at least 2 months from the date of submission whichever is later. Send both passport copies if the visa is on expired passport.

  1. Copy of Emirates ID card along with the Original to be submitted during admission.
  2. 2 recent passport size photographs of the child.
  3. . Medical/Immunization record from the previous school clinic, completed and signed.
  4. Last school’s attested original report card if applicable.

      7. Original transfer certificate/school leaving certificate for students coming from outside UAE, Those coming from schools in UAE may give continuation certificate and SIS number from the previous school at the time of registration.

(Point no. 6 & 7 are not for FS 2)



  1. All applicants for admission from Year 1 to Year 9 must produce a LC/TC.
  2. LC’s/TC’s can only be English or Arabic.
  3. A  LC/ TC is different from report cards, transcripts or other school records.
  4. SPS requires that LC’S/TC’s clearly state to which grade a student was promoted at the end of the year (if enrolling mid-year),or in which grade the student is currently enrolled (if enrolling mid-year).
  5. Leaving or Transfer certificates must be stamped by the following authorities listed, depending on the location of the previous school.

a) North America, Western Europe, Australia or New Zealand:

1) School stamp and signature

b) Middle East (except for the UAE), South and Central America, Asia, former Russian States, Eastern Europe and Africa:

1. School stamp and signature.

2. Ministry of Education (in the country of the school’s location)

3. Ministry of Foreign Affairs (in the country of the school’s location)

4. UAE embassy (in the country of the school’s location).In case UAE Embassy doesn’t exist there, the stamp of any Arabic Embassy will do.

c) Another emirates of the UAE:

       1. School Stamp and signature (TC/LC must be in Arabic)

2. Ministry of Education of the Emirate

3. Continuation letter from the previous school showing the class of study (for registration only)

For more information, please see the Admissions Policy