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Welcome to Star Private School

Star Private School fulfills the educational needs of an eclectic mix of students from different parts of the world. At Star Private we envision an environment for learning which focuses on the holistic development of the child. The academic, creative, emotional, moral, social and physical needs of every student are addressed through specially formulated programs.

Our Mission

Achieving excellence in academic and non-academic fields in a student in a supportive and caring environment forms the main strand in our mission. With the unprecedented support of our parent community we hope to make our institution one of the premier institutions in the vicinity.

The field of education has changed considerably, all over the world, in the last few years and it is radically altering man’s perception about the process of learning, growing and evolving. Today education lacks the inculcation of tolerance, humbleness, patience, loyalty and kindness- virtues that are essential to be a good human being and this is the main cause of unrest in the youngsters of today.

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