Character Performance at Expo Centre Sharjah                                                                            

Students from various age groups participated in the activity “A Character in my Preferred Book.”. A few of our selected students participated in SPEA corner at the International Book Fair at Sharjah EXPO Centre.

 Interschool Marathon Competition                                    

Majd Model School, Sharjah organized second edition of “Loyalty to Sultan” marathon event for private and public schools of Sharjah, at Skyline University Sharjah. In this event more than 200 contestants of different nationalities competed .Three athletes from our school participated in this event and they have completed the 4K run. Hamdan Ali Gaber of Year 9C won the event by finishing first place with Gold medal.

Run Ajman Race-Inter school Competition

The 2.5 km “Run Ajman Race” was conducted by Endurance Sports Service Ajman. Our student Hamdan Ali Gaber of Year 9 earned 1st Position out of 100 participants.

Interschool Greenovation Competition                                                                

SPS was privileged to take part in the interschool ‘Greenovation’ competition organized by RBKIA.  Zara Amir of Year 9 to participate in the event ‘Elevator Pitch.’ achieved THIRD PRIZE in the competition out of twenty-two international schools.

Inter School Mural Painting Competition

A group of 5 students of Year 9 participated in the Inter-school  Mural Competition conducted by SPEA based on the theme “Missing Our School.”

Interschool Qirat competition

SPS participated in six different categories in Inter-school Qirat Competition conducted by Al Sadiq  School Dubai.

Interschool Quran Recitation Competition

SPS  participated in 6 different categories of  Inter-school Quran Recitation Competition conducted by  Al Amana School, Sharjah.

Sustainable Trees Initiative Mangroves- Interschool Competition


SPS is proud to announce that we have achieved THIRD PLACE in the Sustainable Trees Initiative Mangroves Inter-school Competition conducted by the Environment and Protected Areas Authority, Sharjah in the process of launching the seventh session of the Sustainable Trees Initiative.