Gk quiz for students
Education and competition are two universal ingredients of all human cultures and General Knowledge quizzes provide an impetus to sharpen the minds of children so that they can develop a personality of their own and can become more creative, more aware and more confident. Students participated very well and the winning teams were given prizes and certificates.12744014_1013708698690953_4455627995291812511_n

Gk quiz with parents 
Parents of grade 1, 2 & 3 paricipated in GK quiz competition. A family GK quiz is an unlimited fun and challenge that bridges the intellectual gap between parents and children, promotes bonding and mutual respect and in turn develops in children confidence, inquisitiveness and creative innovativeness.12745743_1013689865359503_6361829140130172416_n


KG Fruit Salad Day
To inculcate healthy eating habits among the Kindergarten, an activity called Fruit Salad day was held. It was an occasion to educate the children about the necessity and goodness of eating fruits. Students enjoyed eating and tasting different fruits. The Kindergarten corridor was decorated with colourful pictures of fruits. The different kinds if fruits that every child had brought from home were neatly displayed. To make the occasion participatory, the children made fruit salads of their own choice with the dressings available. It was an educative day for the children to learn about the benefits of eating fruits.


Daddy’s Day Out
Students of KG 1 & 2 spent a day with their Daddy. A day full of activities with fathers and their love, care & most importantly their time. They played different games, spent time in art and craft work, had story time and finally picnic with daddy.


II language week (Urdu & French) Grades 2 to 8
Students enjoyed different activities during II lang. week. Students participated in Group recitation competition, Calligraphy competition, Dramatize a story with moral, and so many more.Students learnt the origin and importance of their II lang. through these activities.


44th UAE National day with a theme:
Smile! You are in Sharjah.

All the teachers and students participated with full enthusiasm and alot of cultural activities, traditional henna disigns, food, stage performances on petriotism, skit, face painting were the part of the celebration. 

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Elders Day 2015

Students of KG invited their grand parents and performed beautifully to thank them for being always there for them. It was indeed a fun day. Children played games with their grand parents, they dressed up like them and performed on stage for them.993087_984644264930730_7097261136229924607_n

Busy Busy Bees!
Bees and Bugs Day was a part of the theme “Creepy Crawlies” where the students learnt about the Bees and Bugs and performed beautifully on a rhyme on stage.



3rd November……UAE FLAG DAY
Students raised the UAE flag with love and appreciation for the President’s continuous national efforts to urge citizens to live up to emblem’ s spirit of loyalty and dedication.