An Educational trip to Art Museum (GRADE 7 Girls)


An Educational trip to Science Museum Grade 6 & 7 (Boys)


An Educational trip to Art Museum Grade 8 (Girls)


An Educational trip to Art Museum 
Students of grade 5 & 6 (Girls) visited Art museum. This museum has a collection of modern and contemporary art. Students enjoyed and learnt during their visit, it was a unique and different learning experience for them.


An Educational trip to Science Museum Sharjah 
Students of Grade 5 (Boys) visited Science Museum Sharjah. This place is full of fun and Science Knowledge where Science goes together with fun and makes learning easier and interesting.


Grade 4 Educational trip to Arabian Wild Life Centre Sharjah
Students visited Arabian wild life centre which is also the only zoological park in the Middle East to be completely indoors.
Students also observed History Museum, Botanical Museum and Children' s farm.
It was a great learning experience for them.


A Fun Trip to Dolphin, Bird and Seal Show Dubai Dolphinarium

Students learnt about the intelligence of these fascinating birds, discovered about natural habitats, social structures, diets and conservation.


A Fun Trip to Dolphinarium, Bird Show And Seal Show Dubai
Grade 1 to 4 & Grade 5 to 8 (Girls)

A school trip to Dubai Dolphinarium challenged the students, filled them with enthusiasm and they experienced the thrill of practical learning.


KG 2 …Trip to Sharjah Aquarium


A visit to Sharjah Book Fair. Grade 7 & 8


A trip to Sharjah museum of Islamic civilization. Students of grade 1, 2 & 3

The importance of educational trip includes giving students the chance to build closer bonds with their classmates, experience new environments and enjoy a day away from the classroom.