Normal school uniform

This uniform is to be worn on all days except P.E Days:

For boys 

  1. Navy blue trousers\ shorts (K.G only)
  2. Navy blue checked half sleeves shirt with the school logo on the pocket.
  3. White socks.
  4. Plain black leather shoes with\ without shoe laces.
  5. Navy blue belt and tie only.

For Girls:

  1. 1. Navy blue pinafore
  2. Navy blue checked sleeves shirt with logo on the pocket (half/full sleeve is optional)
  3. Knee length white socks
  4. Plain back leather shoes with straps
  5. White trousers (for Grade 4 and above) (Optional)
  6. White plain scarf for Grade 4 and above. (Optional)

PE Uniform (To be worn on P.E Days only)

Boys- Grades K.G II to 8- Track suit- House colors, White socks, Plain white canvas/sport shoes.

Girls- Grades K.G II to 4-Divided skirt in house colors, knee length white socks, Plain white canvas / sport shoes.

Grades 5 to 8- Track suit in house colors, white socks, plain white canvas/ sport shoes.

K.G-1-Boys– Checked shorts/colored shirts, white socks and white shoes.

Girls- Checked divided skirts, colored blouses, white socks and white shoes.

Winter Uniform– Navy blue sweaters- full sleeves (front opening optional for girls only)

Dress code

  1. All students are expected to come to school smartly dressed wearing the prescribed uniform as stated below.
  2. T \House uniform must be worn on all P.E Days.
  3. Students failing to comply with the uniforms regulations will be sent home after two warnings which will be recorded in the school calendar.
  4. All students must refrain from wearing gold ornaments and any other (flashy) jewelery.
  5. Hair coloring and streaking are not permitted. Likewise, nail polish/henna etc. is also not permitted.
  6. While parents are free to purchase the specified uniform from places of their choice, it is recommended that they patronize the School store as details such as quality of material and shade of color has been given ample importance.