Transport Rules

  1. If a parent changes residence in the middle of a school year. The school will not be bound to provide the transport facility for the new location.
  2. Normally it takes 1 ½ hours before and after the school timings to pick and drop the students. Once you avail of the transport facility you will have to abide with the time given by the transport department.
  3. Discipline in the bus is a prerequisite condition for the security and safety of the children. If any child misbehaves, uses foul language, damages the property of the bus or acts abnormally in the bus, the school will suspend the bus service facility.
  4. If you want to stop using the transport for your ward, you should inform the school in writing and collect a copy at least a week before the first of the month for which the service is not required.
  5. Buses will not wait for any child at the stop if the child is not on time. Except is the bus reaches the stop before time.
  6. Buses will not drop a KG child at the stop, if the parent is not available to fetch his/her ward. In such cases the child will be brought back to school and the parent will have to pick up the child from the school campus.