Mrs. Junia Amanna, Principal.

  This first edition of ‘L’ Astre’ is an excellent example of an approach that  goes beyond mere reporting, but brings to life the school and its  accomplishments. The field of education has changed considerably, all  over the world, in the last few years and it is radically altering man’s  perception about the process of learning, growing and evolving. Today  education lacks the inculcation of tolerance, humbleness, patience,  loyalty and kindness- virtues that are essential to be a good human being  and this is the main cause of unrest in the youngsters of today. The result of this so called modern education is a production of mechanically skilled unsocial educated beings. If we as parents and educationists do not address this problem it will be difficult to produce what is called ‘man as a soial animal’ ‘L’ Astre’ is quintessentially a reflection of our vision and I take this opportunity to congratulate you Parents for the talents inherent in your wards and thank you for placing them in our care.